“Artsakh is Armenia”: Leonid Azgaldyan protected his Motherland strongly

Liberated soldier of Artsakh liberation war Leonid Azgaldyan was born on 1942 in Tbilisi. He was physicist, studied at Moscow StateUniversity after Lomonosov, then ended his education at Yerevan State University.

Leonid Azgaldyan participated in Artsakh liberation war since the first day it started.
He became the commander of “Independence Army” since 1990, organized protection of some regions. First the hero acted in Getashen and Shahumyan and then in Martakert.
He created an army of 300 people, which trained physically and morally every day. He liberated 27 residences in Artsakh.

As his friends often remember, L. Azgaldyan was a great patriot. He loved his Motherland he loved every Armenian soldier and did everything to protect them. “Our soldiers are the most expensive for me. I am doing everything not to have victims during the battles”, he said. And it is true. Leonid Azgaldyan gave really few victims.

“Artsakh is Armenia”, this is one of the well-known expressions by him. He was sure that Arstakh is Armenia and protected Armenia strongly.

Armenian hero was dead on 1992, June 21, near Martakert.