Norayr Galstyan: commanders like Leonid Azgaldyan are born once in a century

Leonid Azgaldyan was one of those commanders who enjoyed paramount respect, Karin dance ensemble director, Azgaldyan’s companion in arms Gagik Ginosyan said.
“Karabakh movement revealed two great people: Monte Melkonyan and Leonid Azgaldyan, who had equal mental strength. It’s regretful that Azgaldyan has not been proclaimed Armenia’s national hero yet,” he said during a news conference dated to the 18th death anniversary of Leonid Azgaldyan, a commander of Artsakh liberation army.
“Azerbaijan, which lost the war, has 170 heroes while we have 15, of whom 5 were killed in the battle field,” Ginosyan said. “Leonid was training soldiers for the nation. Only in Artsakh, 26 settlements were liberated under his command.”
As to the Saturday incident at the contact line, Ginosyan said that our army should be more vigilant.
For his part, YSU associate professor Norayr Galstyan said that commanders like Leonid Azgaldyan are born once in a century.
“Azgaldyan laid the foundation of the Armenian army. Even after his death, his soldiers were the strongest,” he said.