Comrade-in-arms pay tribute to Leonid Azgaldyan

Today comrade-in-arms of Hero of Karabakh war, 1st degree Battle Cross
Medal awarded Leonid Azgaldyan, met with journalists on Leonid’s 67th
birth anniversary.

`Leonid was very talented. Still at soviet times he greatly
contributed to science,’ told Gagik Ginosyan, Karin Ensemble’s
director. As a physicist Leonid Azgaldyan alongside with his friends
Alexander Tamanyan and Karen Grigoryan worked up on weapons at early

`Leonid was one of the first personalities who paid attention to
strategy of close-based military defense,’ told Colonel Hamik
Sayadyan. Being not professional educated man of arms Leonid was as
good in military as military specialists are.

Leonid Azgaldyan was a good tutor; he trained combat-ready soldiers
who were named `Leonid’s guys’.

Once on meeting with foreign journalist, when asked what `political
color’ Leonid belongs to, he scooped up a soil and said: `I am

Karabakh war hero Leonid Azgaldyan died on June 21 1992. Through his
comrade-in-arms’ efforts a bust in memory of Leonid Azgaldyan is set
up at Mashtots-Khorenatsi crossway in Armenian capital city of