Leonid Azgaldyan: This is Armenia and that’s all!

Hero of Karabakh liberation war Leonid Azgaldyan was an exceptional personality both in physical and intellectual-moral terms, his companion-in-arms Hamik Sayadyan said in Yerevan.

“Leonid made serious contribution to the development of science in Armenia. Besides, he possessed exceptional ability to predict events. He was among to feel the need of organizing defense in Armenia and Nagorno Karbakh,” Sayadyan stressed. Being a professional servicemen, he considered volunteers as the greatest value of independent Armenia, he said.

Gagik Ginosyan, another companion-in-arms, characterized Leonid as highly reputable personality both in Armenia and Karabakh. Azeris offered 3 million roubles for his head, “The new generation should be well-aware and proud of heroes like Leonid. Their image should serve as example for future generations,” Gagik Ginosyan stressed, quoting the hero’s well-known words saying, “This is Armenia, and that’s all”.